U.S.S. Alabama field trip!

In a last-minute visit, Grandpa came down to stay with us for a few day.  The boys were thrilled, naturally.  Even more so when Grandpa took the family on a field trip.

We took a drive to the U.S.S. Alabama park in Mobile, Alabama.  Since it was so last-minute, we didn’t really have an educational materials or lessons  prepared in advance, but that’s not to say the boys didn’t learn anything.  The place was full of military vehicles and exhibits to explore.

The battleship, the U.S.S. Alabama, was completely amazing.  We were able to walk around and explore most of the ship, and there were exhibits all over explaining what each part of the ship was used for.  Getting a peak inside the lives of crew was surreal.

The big hit wasn’t the battleship though.  The boys just about lost their minds when they got to go inside a real submarine.  The U.S.S. Drum was parked just a few hundred feet away, and totally open to visitors.  We were able to see crew quarters, the control room, the engines, and even the forward and aft torpedo bays.

The park hangar was filled with plenty of fascinating aircraft.  We were able to get a look inside a real fighter plane cockpit, and touch a Blackbird.  A large collection of tanks, and even more aircraft were scattered outside.  We took a few minutes to visit the memorials for Vietnam and Korean vets.

The park was a definite must visit.  I would like to go back when the boys are a little older after we study WWII.


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