Fun from the Roots Up

English from the Roots Up

Grandpa sprung for copies of English from the Roots Up, volume I and II for the boys.  We got our copies in the mail yesterday, and I might not resurface for a few weeks.

I know these books are for the boy’s education, but I think I’ll have lots of fun with them first.  My poor husband has already been subjected to too many texts like “Did you know Pedigree comes from pedi – foot, and gres – crane, because they thought ancestral charts looked like crane’s feet?” and so on.  I’m such a nerd.

I’m not sure when or how I’ll be putting these into our curriculum, but I’ve started compiling a list of fun activities and ideas to teach the words.  I’ve got some fun stuff I can’t wait to try.  I do want to teach both of the boys at the same time for more of an interactive experience.  However, if I start next year, some of the activities would be too advanced for a kindergartener.  What to do?  I get too excited to integrate new subjects into school.  I want to do all the things!  Now!

In the meantime, I’ll finish my idea list and try to get an idea of how I want to teach the material.  And my poor husband will have to endure more nerdy tests from me.  Seriously, why is this so fun?

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