$2 to Independence

I’ve been thinking keenly on how difficult it will be to teach two children simultaneously for some time now.  I know it can be done, tons of home school super-moms do it with like, seven children at a time.  Two should be no big deal, right?  When I look at the schedule I have with my oldest though, I have no idea how it’s supposed to work.  So, ever the planner, I’ve thought a lot about how I’m going to pull this off next year.

The best solution seems to be independent work, especially for the oldest.  Now I could do what smart homeschool gurus do, and teach the same subject to multiple grades with differing levels of work for each student.  I don’t know if I quite have enough skill for that yet.  So for now, we’ll work on independent work for my oldest.

When out doing some shopping last week, I ran across this little gem:

The daily planner
The daily planner

It’s a lovely undated weekly planner with lots of space and a very doable two dollar price tag (snake sticker not included).  My oldest and I have used it quite successfully so far.  I’m able to add lots of his little tasks into it.  Also, with his work written down, I know he’ll have a clear record of what to do with his time, not forgetting anything (he is sooo good at that).  He actually enjoys having the planner.  I can set him loose and he gets to work on what he wants.  Less nagging for me, more freedom for him, and no compromises on work getting done.  Also, it frees up at least 45 minutes from most of my days.  You can’t beat that for $2.


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