Fun with pathogens


We started our germ unit in health and it was a hit!  We opened the unit with the classic swabbing various locations and culturing on a petri dish experiment.  I had no idea that germs would evoke such a passion, but they did so wonderfully.  My oldest delighted choosing locations to sample, swabbing down the locations, and adding them to the dish.

Once the samples were in the ‘incubator’ (a seed warming tray in an empty aquarium covered by a blanket), he had to check them every few hours.  “Have the germs grown yet?  Can I see them yet?”  It didn’t take long before we had results.  After two days we had a terrible smell from the dishes and needed to record our results.

My oldest loved looking at the dishes, and was amazed by the results.  It turns out my mouth is cleaner than our dictionary (strange – I say curse words much more than one time each).  We have a few petri dishes left over and my son is already asking to use them to test more locations.  I love being able to bring such excitement to a subject that really deserves it.


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