Mr. Squishy Wonderful

My oldest has a new man in his life – the squishy human body model by SmartLab.  When he first laid eyes on Mr. Squishy he was enthralled.


For our first lesson on anatomy, I brought out the model just to explain the concept of body systems.  My oldest wanted to open him up and take a look at the insides.  I told him he’d have to wait until he learned what the organs were and what they did.  Oh how the tears flowed!  For every lesson about anatomy that followed, Mr. Squishy was the highlight.  My oldest delighted on showing him, and his innards, off to friends and family who happen to stop by.

The model is pretty simple.  He’s a little bigger than a Ken doll, so there isn’t a bunch of room for all the little glands.  It is definitely acceptable for a lower elementary anatomy class, but will not cut it when we start learning about some of the smaller stuff.  Mr. Squishy has a liver, but lacks a gall bladder and a pancreas.  He has a bladder, but lacks any reproductive organs (though I can understand that on a children’s model).

The model does a excellent job of making the body systems, especially the digestive system, much more hands-on.  I did notice a huge increase in comprehension after my oldest had time to play with the model.  For us, this is a must have. Overall, it’s a bargain for the price of around 20$.


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