2016 – 2017 3rd Grade Curriculum

I have a third grader!?  I swear I just started kindergarten with him…

Here is a look at the plan for 3rd grade.  It seems like a lot now that I put it all down, but we’ll see how it goes when we get in the thick of it.  Homeschool is a constantly evolving progress.

Saxon (5/4) – We start a new format on Saxon this year.  Interested to see how this will go.

Language Arts:
All About Reading (4) – We started level 4 last year.  We will finish sometime this year.  Presumably, my son will know all about reading.
Shurley (3) – A dull but effective grammar and writing program. I’ve been itching to try something else soon – this might be our last year.
All About Spelling (3) – We’ll keep going through level 3.  Maybe we’ll start level 4.  We’re not trying to rush this one.
Literature – This one is my homebrew based on the Core Knowledge guidelines.
Vocabulit (C) – This is a new program for us.  It looks like Wordly Wise.  We’ll see which we like better.
Roots – A home-made program loosely based on English From the Roots Up.  This is my son’s favorite class.
Handwriting Without Tears (3) – We’ll be doing a lot of cursive this year.  Woo!  My son’s cursive is so much better than his print.

History – Another Core Knowledge special
World Geography (3) – A quick and dirty mini-class to teach nations of the world.  After this year, he’ll know half of the nations of the world.
USA Geography – Another quick and dirty mini-class to teach basics of the states and territories.

Science – Core Knowledge again.  I gotta get my money’s worth out of that book.

Computer – My own curriculum for computer and internet basics.  This was the elective my son wanted for third grade.
Keyboarding Without Tears (3) – My son is finally using proper finger placement!  Hopefully we’ll build speed now.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool – We’re giving this a try this year.  We’ll see how this needs to be changed as we go.

Art Study – The study, history, and information will be based on Core Knowledge.  Fun projects will be a mish-mash of sources.

Music Study – Just like art, history, theory, and pieces will be from Core Knowledge
Gibson Learn and Master guitar – DVD lessons will supplement weekly lessons with a teacher.


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