Are you qualified to teach your children?

When I started looking into homeschooling, the question of my ability to teach dominated my thoughts.  The whole point of homeschooling, for us, was to give our children a better education than public school could provide.  Could I, with no education in education possibly know how to teach my children?  It sounded negligent and ignorant.

I saw a post on a homeschool forum from a teacher who questioned the quality of education homeschool could provide.  This filled me with doubt.  I mean, teachers have to get proper training for a reason, right?  While the question the teacher asked was fair, I now know there is another side to the story that wasn’t being addressed.

Homeschool is not public school.  It is a whole different ballgame.  The rules are different, the experience is different.  Put me in front of 30+ 2nd graders and I will probably do an awful job of teaching them.  However, I am not teaching public school.

With homeschool, I know my students.  I know how to read them, I know how to reach them, and I know how to motivate them.  I don’t have a room full of strangers getting changed out annually.  I have a few children that I know and an overwhelming desire to see them succeed throughout their education.

If something doesn’t work for them, I can change it.  I can tweak curriculum, change assignments, come at a problem from a different angle.  Each student is receiving a one-on-one custom education.  Flexibility is a powerful tool.  I don’t have to force a board of education selected curriculum on my students and hope for the best.

Also, I don’t have to be an expert in important subjects like math or phonics.  I can spend a little money and get top-notch resources to help me teach my children.  I have a team of experts for the important stuff.  I am certainly not on my own.

With the proper investment of energy and time, homeschooling is possible.  I don’t have to be an expert with a master’s degree in childhood education to make it work.  Outsourcing is sometimes needed, but that’s no different from traditional school either.  Asking if I am qualified to teach my students is a fair question, but I think I have the right tools to make it work.


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