Geo Puzzle Review

When I consider what I’d like to teach my children, basic geography is pretty high on the list.  When my children hear about world events, they will not embarrass themselves by having no idea where the events are taking place; at least not if I have any say it in.

When I saw these puzzles, they seemed like a great way to reinforce spacial relations and a great alternative to coloring yet another map.  However, the price tag (50$ at Rainbow Resource) was a bit much – even for a set of six puzzles.  It just wasn’t in the budget.

Then, one lovely black Friday, the complete set I had been longing for went on sale.  I splurged, and I haven’t regretted it at all.  These puzzles are just as awesome as I hoped they would be.

The six pack comes with U.S.A. and Canada, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the world.  Each puzzle has pieces that are shaped like the countries, instead of the classic jigsaw shape.  I love this feature, as it really helps reinforce how all the countries are placed in relation to each other.  Some of the very tiny countries (and tiny states) share puzzle pieces, and that works much better than the alternative.  I mean, I don’t think I really want pieces for Liechtenstein, Swaziland, and Andorra.

The pieces are a little nicer than standard puzzle pieces too.  They are still cardboard, but they are slightly glossier and smoother.  The boxed set comes with six bags and six maps for reference.

I am so glad we got this puzzle set.  I can see getting many years of use out of it.  The puzzles are challenging enough to use many, many times.  These puzzles will complement basically any geography program we might use.  The puzzles are sold individually, but having the whole set just makes sense, and you save a bit of money by getting them all at once.  Overall these puzzles are a sold investment – a classroom must have; just try to get them on sale if possible.



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