Tinker Crate Review


When Grandpa sends an email two days before birthday season (our boys have birthdays eight days apart), it always reads something like this:

“I want to get the boys something for their birthdays.  Go ahead and get something they like and let me know how much it was.”

Knowing my father, it has to be something educational, something quality, and something innovative and unlike any other gift they have ever gotten.  Yeah, that’s easy to pull off.  Fortunately, I have a standard reply now.  I just send him back and email asking how many months of Tinker Crates he’d like to go with this time.

Tinker Crates are a subscription box service that ship a fun science project to a child every month.  They are fun, they come with all the stuff, and they boys really do look forward to getting them.

The crate is part of the Kiwi Crate family, which offers several different projects for monthly subscription.  Tinker Crates are rated for ages 9+, but we find them a good fit for our younger boys when we use them as a family project.  The tricky stuff gets handled by mom and dad, and we sneak in a science lesson.  They boys walk away with some cool thing to play with.

The projects in the Tinker Crate are always fun, and range from making polymers with glue and borax, to making a combination lock, to the classic rubber-band car.  It is wonderful to have everything ready, and the box even ships with a little magazine that explains the science behind the project and some extra info for curious kids.

The price is a little high (around 20$ a crate) – but I am very cheap.  However, when you factor in shipping and the fact that all the work is done for you, it really isn’t a bad deal.  They do make awesome gifts though.  We haven’t tried any of the other crate types, but some of them look pretty cool.

I now have a go to answer for gift giving ideas, and the boys will be asking for subscriptions as long as Grandpa can pony up for them.


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