Shurley We’re Done

It has been three years now since I got our first Shurley English book in the mail.  It came glossy and new in the annual box of goodies from Rainbow Resource.  I had no idea what to expect, but from my careful research, it seemed like it would be a good fit for our family.

Fast forward three years.  My sons have both used the program, and we’ve made it through three levels.  I feel like I know the program pretty well (though admittedly not the later levels).  We’ve had some good times and some bad times with Shurley, but we are moving on.

Don’t get me wrong, Shurley isn’t a horrible program; far from it.  It’s just not the program we need it to be.  We’ve finished up this year a little early, and we’ve decided to not pick it up again next year.  I will miss some of the aspects of the program, and so will my children.  After using it for so long though, it seems strange not to be using it anymore.

So long Shurley, and thanks for teaching my children how to classify parts of speech and all the other nuts and bolts of the English language you had to share with us.

(For all the details on why we’ve left Shurley, please check out my review of Shurley.)


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