2016 – 2017 in Review

The 2016 – 2017 school year has been another stellar year of learning, for all of us.  I honestly still don’t know who learns more – my children or myself.  Not all the learning we achieve is smooth, and gained through calm, happy, productive lessons.  Most of mine comes from the mistakes and, sometimes, disasters... Continue Reading →


Tempera Moon Project

This week, as we were cleaning up for art class, I frantically threw together a last-minute idea for our art project.  I knew I wanted to do something related to our study of astronomy, but had nothing ready.  Looking at the tub of art supplies, I was struck by an idea far better than most... Continue Reading →

Our 3rd Grade Book Club

My son has great technical reading skills, but like so many kids his age, needs a little more comfort with reading.  He can digest almost any word he comes across thanks to All About Reading, but still doesn't have the natural speed and ease to make reading more fun and less work. In short, he... Continue Reading →

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