2017 – 2018 4th Grade Curriculum

With our (almost) year round schedule, we’re getting ready to start a new school year in just a few weeks.  We have a lot planned for the upcoming year!  Here is what we’ll be using:

Math – Math U See Delta/Epsilon
Composition – Student Writing Intensive A
Grammar – Fix-it Grammar lvl 1
Vocabulary – Home-made program
Literature – Home-made unit studies
Spelling – All About Spelling 4
Science – Elemental Science Physics
History – History Odyssey Ancients
Geography – Home-made unit studies
Art – Home-made class
Music – Home-made class
Spanish – Rosetta Stone & Duolingo
Coding – Code.org code studio
Typing  – Keyboarding Without Tears
P.E. – Home-made program

Coincidence caught up with us this year, and we ended up switching out many of our programs to new curricula.  It was more than I wanted to switch in one year, but hopefully, with a gentle warm-up, we’ll be able to get into the new programs this year.

Our changes include switching from Shurley English (more on that here),  Saxon 5-4 (read about that here).  We’ll also be using new programs for history and science.  When planning history and science this year, I found that all the recommended material had already been covered, and then some.  It seemed prudent to try a ‘middle-school light’ approach this year, so we’ll be trying History Odyssey and Elemental Science for the logic stage, but taking our time.  Finally, my son wanted to take coding as his elective, so we’ll be trying the free program on code.org.

Not everything is new though.  My son will return to All About Spelling, Rosetta Stone with a bit of Duolingo, and many of the home-made classes will be making a return.

How will we do with all these new programs?  I will keep you posted as we start our fourth grade adventure.


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