Minecraft History Lesson

I've always been a bit skeptical about teaching using video games.  It's so difficult to find high quality video games that actually teach something meaningful.  The list of quality educational video games is small, but I may have found another to add to the list. I should have known, after all, the use of Minecraft... Continue Reading →


Math U See – Early Review

Last school year, we hit a big wall with our math program, and had to switch things around in the middle of the school year.  Consequently, I do not feel we've used enough of the program yet to give a definitive review, but I can give you my first impressions on the program.  This post... Continue Reading →

Stained Glass Art Project

It was time for another art project in our homeschool.  I saw a variant of this ages ago, and decided we'd have a go at it.  Here is our stained glass art project: To get the feel and look of stained glass, we needed something that would leave a bumpy texture along the outline on... Continue Reading →

P.E. Book Review

For years I have struggled with physical education for my homeschool.  While I do believe that letting the kids run wild is great exercise, I also feel the need to have structured physical education that can focus on coordination, endurance, strength, and skills to balance out the free form exercise that the kids are already... Continue Reading →

Our Ticket System

Reward systems can be a tricky business in our house.  We've tried so many that fizzled and failed after just a few weeks, once the shine wore off of the motivation.  While I could write an entire blog post on what makes a reward system such an uncertain proposition, instead, I want to share the... Continue Reading →

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