Stained Glass Art Project

It was time for another art project in our homeschool.  I saw a variant of this ages ago, and decided we’d have a go at it.  Here is our stained glass art project:

To get the feel and look of stained glass, we needed something that would leave a bumpy texture along the outline on the paper.  I planned on using fabric paint, only to discovered we had no black fabric paint, so I improvised.  I grabbed an old bottle of glue, only about a quarter full, and tossed in some cheap acrylic paint.  This worked surprisingly well, (though I think I could have put a little less in, as it got a bit too runny).  After some vigorous shaking, I had black school glue.

The boys then drew their pictures in pencil on plain card stock.  When went over the lines with the glue and let it dry.  After the picture dried, the shapes were filled in using tempera paints.

The pictures came out pretty well.  The glue lines were slightly raised and very bold, giving the pictures great texture, and when the colors were added, great contrast.  The glue did soften under the moisture of the paint; it held on well enough during the painting that is wasn’t a problem, but it was good the boys painted so quickly.

We now have enough glue to do it all over again, so maybe we’ll revisit this for another day. I also learned that acrylic paint mixes beautifully with glue.  I see opportunity here…



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