Fix It Grammar Impressions

We are closing in on the end of the school year, so it’s time to look back on some of the programs we’ve used this year.  First up, Fix It Grammar.

I was excited to try Fix It Grammar for this year.  It looked promising from the reviews I could find online.  I was a little nervous about using it with my second grader as it’s recommended for students in grade three through five.  However, he was able to handle the work with no problem.

We had a little trouble with the copy work portion for both of my sons (handwriting is not their strong point), but we were able to get around that by having them type up the copy work.  Some battles are just not worth fighting.

The vocabulary portion of the program we revised a bit and worked into our existing vocabulary program.  This worked out really well and allowed Fix It Grammar to integrate into our day flawlessly.

We have enjoyed doing Fix It Grammar this year.  It has worked well for us, and we will be doing level 2 next year.  For more details, check out the full review here.


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