Elemental Science Impressions

This year we needed something a little more advanced for my fourth-grader’s science curriculum.  We had moved past the elementary level science programs (we are huge science buffs in this house).  I sifted through the massive amount of science curriculum choices out there, and found what I thought would be the right program for us.  Sadly, I was wrong.

We started off with Elemental Science’s Physics for the Logic Stage.  It seemed to be in line with what I was looking for in a curriculum.  The program design looked good, the previews online looked good, the religious view was compatible (there was none taken), I thought we were set.

Physics for the Logic Stage turned out to be incompatible with our homeschool needs.  Some of the incompatibility came from the fact that my son was a little on the young side of the program recommendations, some came from his ADHD not meshing with certain aspects of the program.  I can’t blame the incompatibility entirely on the program itself.

However, there were some things I just didn’t like about the curriculum.  If you want more on my thoughts about Physics for the Logic Stage, click here to read the full review.

We will finish up the little bit that we have left, because the program is still better than nothing.  However, when we move on chemistry, I’ve just written my own curriculum.  I had to relearn a boat-load of chemistry (thanks Khan Academy and SciShow), but I know I’ll be getting a program that works for our family.

Am I the only one who finds science so difficult to shop for?


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