History Odyssey Impressions

It’s been almost a year since we started using History Odyssey level 2, Ancients.  We had quite a rocky start, and there were times we got in over our heads.  However, we pushed through, worked the problems and were able to make History Odyssey work for us.  We are now going strong, and looking forward to out next year with Middle Ages.

Going in to the program, we knew that my oldest was a little on the young side for the program (a year less than the recommended age).  However, we were outgrowing elementary level history curriculum and were looking for something a little more advanced.  We were prepared to put in a little extra work to make sure it could fit my son’s ability level.

The reading assignments were a big plus for us.  My son enjoyed them to varying degrees, but there were none that he disliked.  The maps and summaries felt like more ‘grown-up’ work for him, and the predictable assignments helped streamline things.  I loved the timeline; I felt like it was a great way to put everything in perspective.

Not long in the year, we realized my son needed a little hand-holding on the summaries and writing assignments.  We worked more closely with him and were able to get past that hurdle.   This seemed completely appropriate considering his age falling below the recommendation.

After the summaries were fixed, we did have some trouble with using the history binder as directed.  My son’s bad handwriting and poor devotion to staying organized posed some challenges for us.  Happily, we were able to make some surface changes to the program and make things work again.

After making some changes, we were able to recover the program.  My son started enjoying it, and history no longer became a chore.  While the program certainly isn’t perfect, we are finding a lot to like.

Need more info?  For the full review with all the technical stuff, click here.


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