What We’re Using

What are we using?  Well, it does change from time to time, so this list is by no means exhaustive.  It is most of the big stuff though.  Watch the blog for updates and changes to our curriculum line-up.

2017 – 2018

4th Grade

Math –
Math U See (Delta & Epsilon)

Language Arts-
Student Writing Intensive A
Fix-it Grammar 1
All About Spelling 4
Home-made Vocabulary program
English From the Roots Up

Keyboarding Without Tears 4

Elemental Science (Physics – Logic)

History Odyssey – (Ancients – Logic)
Home-made geography

Art/Music/Literature –
Home-made Art
Home-made Music
Home-made Literature
Gibson Lean and Master Guitar

Spanish –
Rosetta Stone 1

P.E. –
My own curriculum

2nd grade

Math –
Math U See – Gamma

Language Arts –
All About Reading  3
Student Writing Intensive A
Fix-it Grammar A
Home-made vocabulary
English from the Roots Up
All About Spelling 2&3
Handwriting Without Tears 2

Keyboarding –
Keyboarding Without Tears 2

Science/Geography/History/Art/Music/Literature –
Core Knowledge 2
Home-made geography
Home-made computer

P.E. –
My own curriculum


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