The Subjects I Teach in Homeschool

When I started my journey as a homeschool teacher, or more importantly, homeschool coordinator, I was overwhelmed by the matter of what subjects to teach.  I had no idea what to teach, let alone how to teach it.  What exactly was language arts anyway?  What grades and ages did I need to teach what?  Looking... Continue Reading →


Testing & Grading in Homeschool

The question of whether or not to grade and test in homeschool is very much a personal one.  If there is no state requirement for it, does it need to be done?  For some, the idea of testing and grading seems redundant.  After all, when teaching homeschool, it's very easy to get a sense of... Continue Reading →

Are you qualified to teach your children?

When I started looking into homeschooling, the question of my ability to teach dominated my thoughts.  The whole point of homeschooling, for us, was to give our children a better education than public school could provide.  Could I, with no education in education possibly know how to teach my children?  It sounded negligent and ignorant.... Continue Reading →

A Case for Cursive

It seems more and more schools are eliminating their cursive programs.  Apparently it's no longer a relevant skill, and schools just don't have time for it.  Excuse me for seeming a bit old-fashioned here, but I believe a big mistake is being made.  There are plenty of very valid reasons to keep cursive in the... Continue Reading →

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