How We Spend Our Summer Break

With our homeschool schedule, our summer break may be short, but we pack a lot into it!  We find ways to enjoy every day while also making the most of our flexible days.  Here are a few of the things we do with our summer time: Doctor's appointments - While this might not be the... Continue Reading →


Our 5th Grade Picks for 2018-2019

We're approaching the end of June, and with our (almost) year round schedule, that means it's time to start our 2018 - 2019 school year.  The books have been loaded on the shelves, the pencils have been sharpened, the art supplies cleaned and restocked, and it's time to go!  Here's what we'll be using this... Continue Reading →

Our 3rd Grade Picks for 2018-2019

We'll be starting up our 2018 - 2019 school year at the end of June, and that means that I've finished our selections for 3rd grade.  Here's what we'll be learning this coming year, and the programs we'll be doing it with. Reading - All About Reading (Level 4) I can hardly believe I'll be... Continue Reading →

Our Homeschool Portfolios

As the end of the school year rolls around, I find myself looking at the piles of worksheets, journals, stacks of finished workbooks, art projects, and other odds and ends that have been completed during the school year. Like most parents, I can't bear to throw them away, but I'm practical enough to know I... Continue Reading →

Novels We Read for 4th Grade

This year was a great literary adventure for my 4th grader.  We dove into plenty of books, and couldn't find any we didn't enjoy.  My son even found a few he really loved, and just had to continue reading more of the series on his own.  Here are the fiction novels we got through this... Continue Reading →

Our Vocabulary Conundrum

Ah, vocabulary.  It's a staple of education that can't be escaped; no matter what style of teaching is used, there will always be vocabulary words.  How to teach those words can differ quite a bit, some being much more effective than others. For a few years we faithfully bought our Wordly Wise books, or the... Continue Reading →

Our Cardboard Computer

This year, my youngest is taking a basic computer class as his elective.  The class isn't anything too fancy; it's meant to be an introduction to computer basics.  The class covers hardware, internet, operating systems, and some popular software titles. One of the most exciting components of computer class is the home-made cardboard computer we... Continue Reading →

2017 – 2018 2nd Grade Curriculum

We are gearing up for the 2017 - 2018 school year.  Our short summer break is almost over, and we are just about ready to start 2nd grade for my youngest.  This year, we are using the following curricula: Math - Math U See Gamma Reading - All About Reading 3/4 Composition - Student Writing... Continue Reading →

2017 – 2018 4th Grade Curriculum

With our (almost) year round schedule, we're getting ready to start a new school year in just a few weeks.  We have a lot planned for the upcoming year!  Here is what we'll be using: Math - Math U See Delta/Epsilon Composition - Student Writing Intensive A Grammar - Fix-it Grammar lvl 1 Vocabulary -... Continue Reading →

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