Word Up Review

Word Up is a DVD containing ten lessons of common Greek and Latin root words and the English words we derive from them.  Each lesson lasts about twelve to fifteen minutes, covers one concept, and presents both the Greek and Latin word base word, and 10 English words that come from each. The lessons are... Continue Reading →


P.E. Book Review

For years I have struggled with physical education for my homeschool.  While I do believe that letting the kids run wild is great exercise, I also feel the need to have structured physical education that can focus on coordination, endurance, strength, and skills to balance out the free form exercise that the kids are already... Continue Reading →

Tinker Crate Review

  When Grandpa sends an email two days before birthday season (our boys have birthdays eight days apart), it always reads something like this: "I want to get the boys something for their birthdays.  Go ahead and get something they like and let me know how much it was." Knowing my father, it has to... Continue Reading →

Geo Puzzle Review

When I consider what I'd like to teach my children, basic geography is pretty high on the list.  When my children hear about world events, they will not embarrass themselves by having no idea where the events are taking place; at least not if I have any say it in. When I saw these puzzles,... Continue Reading →

Mr. Squishy Wonderful

My oldest has a new man in his life - the squishy human body model by SmartLab.  When he first laid eyes on Mr. Squishy he was enthralled. For our first lesson on anatomy, I brought out the model just to explain the concept of body systems.  My oldest wanted to open him up and... Continue Reading →

Fun from the Roots Up

Grandpa sprung for copies of English from the Roots Up, volume I and II for the boys.  We got our copies in the mail yesterday, and I might not resurface for a few weeks. I know these books are for the boy's education, but I think I'll have lots of fun with them first.  My... Continue Reading →

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