Homeschool and ADHD

Homeschooling can be a great alternative for children with ADHD - if the circumstances are right.  It can also be a big challenge for parents to deliver a quality education while dealing with the added complications.  There certainly isn't a solution that is best for every child in every circumstance, and what's best for the... Continue Reading →


Our Cardboard Computer

This year, my youngest is taking a basic computer class as his elective.  The class isn't anything too fancy; it's meant to be an introduction to computer basics.  The class covers hardware, internet, operating systems, and some popular software titles. One of the most exciting components of computer class is the home-made cardboard computer we... Continue Reading →

Our Ticket System

Reward systems can be a tricky business in our house.  We've tried so many that fizzled and failed after just a few weeks, once the shine wore off of the motivation.  While I could write an entire blog post on what makes a reward system such an uncertain proposition, instead, I want to share the... Continue Reading →

Art on the Cheap

There can be lots to buy when stocking a homeschool.  There are all the traditional school supplies, computers, tablets, printers, furniture, and, of course, workbooks, and textbooks.  It can really add up fast.  Most of us on a budget just don't have the spending power to really stock up on a robust collection of art... Continue Reading →

Making Lemonade

It's been about 9 months since I started having mysterious medical issues.  While I have gotten a diagnosis and learned to manage my symptoms, my health is an ongoing challenge.  I can't complain though, all things considered, I'm doing pretty well. Adapting to my newfound state has been difficult at times, but I have persevered. ... Continue Reading →

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