IEW Student Writing Intensive Impressions

We have just finished the Student Writing Intensive level A, and it's time to share our experiences!  For the nuts and bolts review of the program click here. Our year with the Student Writing Intensive (SWI) was a very positive one.  We've tried a few other writing programs, and none of them matched the results... Continue Reading →


Elemental Science Impressions

This year we needed something a little more advanced for my fourth-grader's science curriculum.  We had moved past the elementary level science programs (we are huge science buffs in this house).  I sifted through the massive amount of science curriculum choices out there, and found what I thought would be the right program for us. ... Continue Reading →

Fix It Grammar Impressions

We are closing in on the end of the school year, so it's time to look back on some of the programs we've used this year.  First up, Fix It Grammar. I was excited to try Fix It Grammar for this year.  It looked promising from the reviews I could find online.  I was a... Continue Reading →

Our Vocabulary Conundrum

Ah, vocabulary.  It's a staple of education that can't be escaped; no matter what style of teaching is used, there will always be vocabulary words.  How to teach those words can differ quite a bit, some being much more effective than others. For a few years we faithfully bought our Wordly Wise books, or the... Continue Reading →

Rosetta Stone Review

It's been a year and a half since we took the plunge with Rosetta Stone to teach my oldest Spanish.  We have learned so much in that time, and not all of it has been Spanish. We had a goal that was unrealistic; we even knew it at the time.  The goal was to have... Continue Reading →

Using in Homeschool

This year, we gave a try.  My oldest son spent 18 weeks learning the basics of coding in Course 2.  He’s now got his certificate of completion, so I thought I’d share our experiences using the site. I looked all over for reviews on for homeschoolers.  I couldn’t find much, so I was... Continue Reading →

Our Cardboard Computer

This year, my youngest is taking a basic computer class as his elective.  The class isn't anything too fancy; it's meant to be an introduction to computer basics.  The class covers hardware, internet, operating systems, and some popular software titles. One of the most exciting components of computer class is the home-made cardboard computer we... Continue Reading →

Word Up Review

Word Up is a DVD containing ten lessons of common Greek and Latin root words and the English words we derive from them.  Each lesson lasts about twelve to fifteen minutes, covers one concept, and presents both the Greek and Latin word base word, and 10 English words that come from each. The lessons are... Continue Reading →

Minecraft History Lesson

I've always been a bit skeptical about teaching using video games.  It's so difficult to find high quality video games that actually teach something meaningful.  The list of quality educational video games is small, but I may have found another to add to the list. I should have known, after all, the use of Minecraft... Continue Reading →

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