Adding it Up

Now that the page has been formatted and looks clean, it’s time to add some formulas.  Luckily, this part is easier than it looks.  The first formula to tackle is the adding formula.  It’s simple, and it insures all the grades will be considered for the final score.  The formula is:

=SUM(cells to add)

That’s it.  All I have to do is list the cells in the parenthesis.  Many programs will let you select cells with the mouse, so you don’t even have to type them in at all.  Excel even allows me to hit Ctrl to add several columns or rows at the same time.  If you can’t do that, just use a colon to indicate a span.  So in this case, my formula looks like this:


Now, all the points given for the entire term are added automatically.  One half of the grade is calculated.  Now I do the same in the next cell for the total points – =SUM(D4:D15).  Oh, and the formula can handle extra credit too.  Entering a grade like 12/10 is totally fine.

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