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Now that the framework is done, it’s time to add the details.  For each subject, I decide what categories of grades I’ll need.  In this example, art, I have weekly projects, and three term exams.  At the bottom I have a grade calculator, but more on that later.

I then make a place to record each grade.  For a subject that had a workbook, I would label each grade by worksheet number instead of weekly assignment.  However the entries are named, it’s very useful to have each identified.  I have two columns that follow the name of the assignment; the points given, and the total possible points.  Since exams will only be one grade per term, I didn’t give them their own block as I did for the projects, though I could have if I had felt they needed it, or I had more tests.

Once all the grades have a place and a name, it’s time to finish the formatting.  I love adding borders to cells to keep everything clear and organized looking.

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