Fix It Grammar Review

Fix-it Grammar is a six-level program that teaches grammar by having students hunt for edits in sentences and using those sentences to find the parts of speech.  Each day students work on completing a sentence by defining a vocabulary word, fixing mistakes, identifying parts of speech, and then copying the corrected sentence into a notebook.  Each sentence is part of a larger story that is completed at the end of the level.

Fix-it Grammar runs about 20$ a level for the teacher’s guide.  The teacher’s guide comes with a free student guide PDF, or you can get printed copies of the student guide for 15$ apiece.

I love the hands-on approach the program takes by having students find the ‘mistakes’ in the text, as well as identifying parts of speech.  Finding ‘mistakes’ in the text is great practice for editing skills they can use on their own writing.  Also, I think having the sentences be part of a big story makes them more interesting and a little more real.  When my students identify parts of speech in Fix It Grammar, the sentence doesn’t feel like just another in a series of boring drills.

Each Monday the program introduces a new concept, and then it’s time to start using the new concept in the daily sentences.  The lesson takes just a few minutes usually, and is pretty painless.  The daily sentences review old and new concepts alike so learning never gets rusty.  After editing the sentence, students copy a corrected version into a notebook.  By the end of the year they will have copied the entire story.  The whole lesson only takes about ten minutes each day.

The program also comes with a healthy amount of support to reinforce learning.  The student books include flashcards to review grammar concepts, and a nice, thick glossary where all the concepts are covered in detail.  While we haven’t needed either yet, I can certainly imagine a situation where they would be good to have, especially in later levels.

The program is very affordable if you are willing to DIY and print the student books.  Buy the teacher’s manual for 19$ and you are set; the student books are free to print for your family.  Though it is a light program, the price is still very fair, and I have no trouble fitting it into our budget.

This program is high quality, but is rather limited in scope.  Fix-it Grammar is just a grammar program.  It may do a light amount of vocabulary, but it does not replace a vocabulary program.  It doesn’t do spelling, writing, or any other part of language arts, so it’s important to know what it can and cannot do.

For us, Fix-it Grammar was a good fit in our homeschool.  The time commitment was light, consistent lessons made it an easy class to just get done.  We did level 1 with a second and fourth grader and they had no trouble with it at all.  My second grader was able to identify parts of speech and find the fixes.  My fourth grader found it a little on the easy side, but I don’t think it was too far out of line.  We are looking forward to level 2 next year.

Overall –

Pros: Affordable, quick, engaging

Cons: Limited scope


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